25 years with Baja California

We opened our doors in 1993 as a cardiology institute par excellence in order to bring complex surgeries to the population, with time and the scarce access to health services, we found ourselves with the duty to expand to a third level hospital, attending from general medicine to complex surgeries with the mission of covering all kinds of medical needs in the region.


With the effort and talent of Dr. José G. Hernández Fujigaki, in 1995 it was possible to perform the first open heart surgery in the state of Baja California, applying quality standards and cutting-edge technology.


Over the years we have developed standardized health care processes ensuring quality and safety, obtaining authorization from the State of California to provide medical care to cross-border health plans.


We are proud to say that the hospital has been a provider of the two plans that currently exist.


In 2002 we joined the 2% of private hospitals in Mexico that have the Hospital Certification by the General Health Council, later in 2012 and we are currently in force with the last Certification from 2017 to 2020 with extension to 2022 for having obtained a passing grade of 9.9 in a single assessment.


This year we are pleased to celebrate 25 years of the first open heart surgery performed in Baja California, in addition to ratifying the commitment to quality medical care since 1993.



  • Certification of the General Health Council.

  • H distinctive.

  • First hospital with a binational health care certificate.

  • Hospital preferred by binational health plans


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